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Vito - port to the islands - Philippines (2008)

From Bacolod (the closest biggest city and where I land after an inland flight from Manila) it is a bit more than 100km to the small port of Vito village (population around 6000 people, as of 2020). It is considered part of Sagay city, Negros Occidental province and serves as a gateway to my mothers island, Molocaboc.

Vito port and pump boat. The Philippines.
Vito port, our pump boat to the left.

"Jean Cathline", my familys' pump boat came to pick us up, together with a few more cousins and relatives. A pump boat is an outrigger canoe powered by a small gasoline or diesel engine. They are a utility boat in the Philippines, used for nearly everything from inter-island transportation to fishing.

Kid swimming at Vito port. The Philippines.

A kid was swimming on the edge of the port, Next to a busy pump boat with quite a few people on board and lots of laundry hanging on the ropes.

My cousins and aunt getting themselves ready in the pump boat, everybody happy and excited!

Fortunately my two uncles were in charge of everything so there was nothing to worry about.

Vito port on a beautiful day. The Philippines.
Vito port and my two uncles on the left, getting ready to take us to the island. It was a beautiful day!

Looking around me in the port life was going on as usual. Many students use tiny rowing boats like the one above to go to school and back.

Family on board and ready to go!

When almost everybody was on the pump boat we were ready to go. Destination, Molocaboc island, where the rest of my family was. I was really excited to see them again, it had been almost 10 years since my last visit.

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Bacolod Silay Airport: 10°46'36.0"N 123°00'54.1"E

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