Iceland (2006)

I visited Iceland back in 2006 when it was not a big tourist destination. Spent almost a month, from Reykjavik to Seydisfjordur (Seyðisfjörður), making a stop at the inner part to walk the Laugavegur trek. It was one of the best trips of my life... the stunning nature, the kind and beautiful people, the peacefulness and magic, somehow all left something special in me which makes me to long for the day to go back.

About Me

Having graduated from the university with a degree in Business Administration, decided it was time to explore the world. On the way I did various jobs, photography for some events & wrote a few travel articles for magazines in Greece. After years on the road and 51 countries, decided to make base but the wanderlust is still there and the exploration continues... Passionate about sharing the stories of places and people I come across, I hope you will enjoy my work.

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